Free Language Learning Project

Thanks for your interest in volunteering for the Free Language Learning Project. Together we can make it easier and more fun to study a language!
For an overview of our process, please watch this video:
[General overview video coming soon]

Our volunteer opportunities are divided into the categories listed on this page.
After you have reviewed the categories, feel free to visit our forums to introduce yourself and sign up to work on a comic. You can also email our volunteer coordinator at and let us know
(1) what role(s) you are interested in, and
(2) what your language levels is for each language you want to work with, and any other relevant skills or experience that you have.
A Sample Email is included at the bottom of this page.

Volunteer Opportunities for Foreign Language Students:

English Paster Team
Spanish Paster Team
Chinese Paster Team

Orientation Videos for Paster Teams:
General Overview
Detailed Instructions
Detailed Instructions Part 2 (only for Pasters who want to paste in multiple languages)

English Video Editor Team
Spanish Video Editor Team
Chinese Video Editor Team

Video Editor Teams:
Orientation Video

Volunteer Opportunity for Native English Speakers:

English Simplification Team
Orientation Video
(Ask about our free tool to help with language grading: OpenOffice Graded Dictionary)

Volunteer Opportunity for people with translation skills:

Spanish Translation Team
Chinese Translation Team - (Use our “Story Analyzer Tool” to identify vocab words - Instructional Video)

Volunteer Opportunities for Teachers

English Teacher Team
Spanish Teacher Team
Chinese Teacher Team

Teacher Team Orientation Video

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Photoshop Team

Sample Email:

(delete anything that does not apply to you)

Hi my name is [name] and I am interested in volunteering for the:

[] English Paster Team
[] Spanish Paster Team
[] Chinese Paster Team

[] English Simplification Team
[] Spanish Translation Team
[] Chinese Translation Team

[] Photoshop Team

My Language Skills are:

[Native Speaker/Fluent/Advanced/Intermediate/Beginner] [Name of Language]
[Native Speaker/Fluent/Advanced/Intermediate/Beginner] [Name of Language]

Optional: I also have the following experience (please describe in 1-2 sentences):